Boost productivity and customer satisfaction

ThreadScribe transforms your Slack workspace into a searchable knowledge base, using AI to break down information silos and streamline support operations.

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why threadscribe

Streamline operations and delight customers


Automatically processes conversations in real-time, ensuring instant insights and actions.


Safeguards your data with top-tier encryption, blending seamlessly into your existing workflows.


Smoothly integrates with Slack for an effortless transition to structured knowledge.


Transform the maze of Slack channels into a navigable treasure trove of knowledge.

Source information from your existing tech stack directly into Slack

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instant thread summarization

Boost Your Agents' Productivity with Seamless Slack Solutions

Intelligently summarize your conversations and make them serchable right from Slack.

Instantly summarize your lengthly slack threads with
Clarity at Your Fingertips

Find What Matters, Instantly simplifies your workflow, quickly surfacing key insights so you can resolve issues faster. Less clutter, more clarity — empower your team to provide standout service effortlessly.

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Experience the future of customer support

Boost productivity, streamline operations, and delight customers with ThreadScribe. Get started today and transform your Slack into a powerful customer support hub.

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Frequently Asked Questions is a chatbot for Slack that uses cutting-edge AI to transform your Slack conversations into a structured, easily searchable knowledge base.

Threadscribe is available for free for small workspaces and workloads. Subscription plans are available for larger organizations who are serious about providing exceptional customer service. Pricing is available on our pricing page.

To get started with ThreadScribe, simply install the app on your Slack workspace and begin summarizing some of your conversations.

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